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Will uploading videos to YouTube be blocked in Europe?

Will uploading videos to YouTube be blocked in Europe?
Will uploading videos to YouTube be blocked in Europe?

Will uploading videos to YouTube be blocked in Europe?, YouTube does not have the legal authority to block online content but it has offered to work with ISPs to block content or remove it on demand. While there will be exemptions for legitimate purposes like public interest, that does not mean that everyone will be free to go about their business freely. There are certain things that no website will be allowed to do, most notably using images of other people on a website to endorse or criticise their products.

We already know a little about this in Europe, a lot more than we even noticed it because people were uploading videos of them surfing on their mobile phone. That was the first thing we did when we realised we’d come across such a situation. That’s why we are going to share our knowledge with the European Parliament immediately. If the European Parliament is going to ban these videos in a country it’s clearly going to get attention and you’d better watch the report on it. It would be a very different kind of problem if a bunch of people were taking videos of surfing on their mobile phone in public places like libraries or supermarkets.

Will uploading videos to YouTube be blocked in Europe?

YouTube’s Terms and Conditions of Service state:

Will uploading videos to YouTube be blocked in Europe?
Will uploading videos to YouTube be blocked in Europe?

“YouTube shall not be held responsible for any errors or omissions that may be made in connection with the uploading, downloading, display, downloading for personal, non-commercial use or public display, of YouTube videos by you, your family members or individuals you authorized. It is the sole responsibility of the user of any device(s) connected to the Internet who downloads, uploads, links to, or uses any material through the website to determine what is appropriate for their age or content preferences. You represent and warrant that you are not below the age of majority in your state or country of residence and that you will not allow any person under the age of 18 to have access to the material in the Website.”
Depends on if you region-block the videos. Certain companies with the digital rights management system on YouTube can do that. Also, there’s an option as a normal creator to only show content on monetized platforms only. In that case, it might be blocked in certain places.

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Lastly, if you upload content that accidentally contains copyrighted materials, the owner of the content might choose to block your videos from being seen in certain countries.
Maybe, we don’t know yet. It’s a very very vague law and definitely has the potential to become censoring of free speech in the UK, not like they aren’t already banning it. It seems to be based off “copy-righted content” so any original content like Vlogs should be safe, but memes, gameplay from non official channels, lyrics videos, react videos, discussions on media/products, and other non entirely original content is likely to be killed. However the law is clearly meant to be highly oppressive, so we just have to wait and see. After all they won’t care about a game review most likely, but memes that critize the UK are going to be censored and destroyed.
Major record labels have the right to dictate copyright policy for media created by the artists signed to them. Countries who wish these music tracks to be played on their soil or in the case of YouTube streamed on their platform must negotiate copyright clearances for these songs. Most of the major players have a presence on YouTube, and samples of everything they’ve released, loaded into the Content ID system.

These CMS (Content Management System) accounts then set up policies under Content ID which can do any of the following then their properties are detected.

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1. Apply streaming blocks by country or worldwide

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2. Track all plays of the content but take no other action

3. Claim and monetize the content (Content ID or Copyright claim)

4. Remove the content and apply a Copyright Strike

Use of s VPN could be interpreted as interfering with the normal functioning of YouTube’s platform and can get you a penalty to your channel if you are caught using one.



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