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When to get items at low prices on Jumia

when to get items at low prices on jumia

Get items at low prices on jumia-Most often, we are taken by surprise to see products on jumia with low prices, just unimaginable. Throughout the year, you could land unintentionally on jumia and discover the prices of some products you wish to own reduce as low that you can’t even believe it. Must you always be taken by surprise to see prices of items on jumia drastically reduced? The answer is a big No!.

In this post technologygist brings to you some dates that jumia reduces the prices of Items on the website. Let’s get started.

Jumia anniversaries sales,Get items at low prices on jumia

jumia aniversary sales

 As the name goes, anniversary sales is just discounts given on products to marks the start of their operations as an online shop. During this period, you can enjoy massive discounts from deals like Phones, Fashion, Computers, Electronics and more.

So, I will advise you to keep the dates on your diary or set it as a reminder. You can as well bookmark this page on your browser to visit it during that period, because you will have an update of the discounted products.

 So, constantly look through their products and be ready to grab products you like sooo much cause their prices are going to be reduced!

Flash sales-Get items at low prices on jumia

Flash sales is the sale of premium items that have crazy discounts offered for sale on the Jumia website for just few minutes and goes off when sold out.

Here,  products with High prices are reduce to approximately free! As a results, many customers wait to buy such products. Your fastnes wins you the product.

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  1. Log in to your Jumia Account ahead of the flash sale

2.Visit the page a couple of minutes before the sale and keep refreshing

3. Click on buy now immediately it appears and checkout; don’t leave it in your cart


Flash sale items run out of stock very fast

Items on flash sale are limited and doesn’t stay for long

Place an order for the item ONLY at the flash sale price when it goes LIVE

The price of your order would not change if you didn’t place your order at the flash sale price

Order at the exact time it goes LIVE!

Black Friday sales.

The Day After Thanksgiving (Friday) is known as Black Friday. This used to be unofficially or officially the start of holiday shopping season. Almost all stores come out with  amazing Sales offer with the early shop to start  attracting more consumers to their shop.

jumia black friday sales

Jumia black Friday is the day when online shoppers compete to get the best deals on electronics, fashion, home and sporting goods, toys, video games, appliances, TV sets, tablets, smartphones, laptops and lots more; all at their lowest prices.

How do I get started?

To get started, the first thing you need to do is subscribe to this blog.


As part of my give away this year, I am going to be offering free humanitarian service to my subscribers this year.

What do I mean? I will notify you via email about the date of the Jumia Black Friday, walk you through the process, send you coupon codes and even flash sales that goes on live on Jumia Black Friday.

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Only my subscribers will get this for free, if you are not one of them yet, I suggest you do that now? Just type in your email and click the subscribe button.

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Check other categories you Dont often check.

get items at low prices on jumia

Randomly check through categories on google that customers do not often check. eg, babies categories etc, this are categories only checked because the shopper really wants that stuff. Most often premium items with high prices are hidden in this categories. do not be surprise to see an iPhone x for GHS300 in this category!




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