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Vodafone UNLIMITED OFFER for selected Regions


Vodafone UNLIMITED OFFER, Vodafone Ghana has the best network services for it customers. From call packages to data packages, One could grab from their numerous offers and promotions an affordable yet satisfying package


This offer  gives ‘selected customers’ truly unlimited on-net calls, a special off net rate of 10.80p per minute and a data PAYG tariff of 10.80p per MB.  The offer is open to existing customers in selected regions (VOLTA,UPPER EAST,UPPER WEST,& NORTHERN).
There are two bundles, the daily and the weekly offers . Customers can bundle the offer using *480# or 480. Subscriptions can also be done using *151#.

OfferValidity (days)Price (GHS)
Unlimited Daily10.49
Unlimited Weekly72.99


Q1. What is the Vodafone Unlimited offer?
Ans: An offer that gives subscribers Unlimited Vodafone to Vodafone calls; 10.80p tariff per minute for off-net calls & a 10.80p per Megabyte tariff if customer browses Pay-As-You-GO (PAYG)

Q2. How can a customer join the offer?
Ans: A subscriber can only get unto this offer by dialling 480 or *480# and following the prompts to subscribe to either the daily or weekly offer. Subscribers can also subscribe through Vodafone’s Information Services short code *151#

Q3. What is the cost of registering for this offer?
Ans: There are two Unlimited Offers

  • Unlimited Daily Offer
  • Unlimited Weekly Offer

Subscription fee to Unlimited Daily Offer is 49 pesewas and offer is valid for 24 hours.
Subscription fee to Unlimited Weekly Offer is GHS 2.99 and offer is valid for 7 days.

Q4. What are the tariffs on this offer?

  • Local on-net voice calls are free and unlimited
  • Offnet calls are charged as low as 10p per minute
  • DATA Pay-As-You-GO tariff is 10p per MB and will apply if a customer does not have a data bundle or a data bonus bucket
  • IDD calls and SMS charges will be at the standard rates.

Q5. Can a customer deregister or if opt out of the offer?
Ans: Yes. By dialling 9090

Q6. Can a customer carry on any benefits on this offer when they opt out?
Ans: No. A customer who opts out and registers for any other offer loses all benefits that come with this offer.

Q7. Can a customer register for the offer again after opting out of it?
Ans: Yes

Q8. Can a customer on this offer subscribe to other data bundle offers?
Ans: Yes. A customer can still subscribe to data, blackberry, SMS and IDD bundles.

Q9. Can a customer enjoy this package along with other Vodafone main voice or integrated tariff plans?
Ans: No. Once you are on Vodafone Unlimited Daily or Weekly, you cannot concurrently enjoy the benefits of any other Vodafone tariff plans at the same time until you deregister from it.

Q10. Can this offer be automatically renewed?
Ans: Yes. This offer is auto renewable. Customer at the point of purchase has a choice to opt in to auto renewal or not. For the daily offer, auto renewal happens after 24 hours of subscription and not at midnight.

Q11. Can I enjoy free night calls on this offer?
Ans: A customer on this Product is not eligible to enjoy free night calls as customer will continue enjoying free unlimited Vodafone to Vodafone calls during the free night period.

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