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VODAFONE BOSSU DATA, unlimited internet service

Yendi Agoro Terms & Conditions
Yendi Agoro Terms & Conditions

VODAFONE BOSSU DATA, Vodafone Ghana has the best network services for it customers. From call packages to data packages, One could grab from their numerous offers and promotions an affordable yet satisfying package.


Here is all you must know about the package,

1. What is Vodafone BOSSU Data?
BOSSU Data is a promotional offer the gives you Data to enjoy at a very competitive price.

2. What benefits do I get and at what price?
The table below shows the BOSSU Data offers and the prices;

Bossu Data Weekly*5588#105 days3.5GB
Bossu Data Weekly Plus*5588#4015 days10GB

3. How do I subscribe for Vodafone BOSSU Data?
You can subscribe by dialling *5588# or calling 5588 and following the prompts.

4. When Can I subscribe for BOSSU Data?
You can subscribe for BOSSU Data on any day during the promotion period.

5. When is the promotion starting and ending?
The promotion will start on 5th June 2019. The end date will be communicated.

6. Who is eligible for this promotion?
This promotion is open to all consumer mobile prepaid subscribers registered on the Vodafone network.

7. Will I lose my existing bundle when I subscribe?
NO. Subscribing to BOSSU Data offers will not take you off your existing offer.

8. Will my bundle automatically renew?
During bundle purchase, you get to choose between auto-renewal and one-time bundle. Your bundle will automatically renew if you select the auto-renew option.

9. Does the offer attract any other charge?
No, the only charge on these offers are the offer prices.

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10. How do I get more information on the promotion?
Send your queries via SMS to 655 for more information.

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