Shark tank-Doctor with virus-fighting supplement isn’t immune to criticism

shark tank Doctor with virus fighting supplement isn’t immune to criticism

On Sunday’s “Shark Tank,” a physician was in need of treatment after he felt the wrath of two angry sharks. 

Asking for $125,000 for 5% percent of his company, Sarath Malepati is the inventor of the EZC Pak, a five-day immune support pack made of echinacea, zinc and vitamin C. EZC Pak is a supplement that’s supposed to boost the immune system and fight viruses. 

As a general surgeon, Malepati said he has noticed increased overuse of antibiotics, which he said  have no effect on viruses and can turn bacteria into antibiotic-resistant superbugs. 

shark tank Doctor with virus fighting supplement isn’t immune to criticism

“Over the last 10 years, I’ve been dealing with a lot of complex infections,” Malepati said. “In the beginning, these infections we used to be able to treat with antibiotics. Now the antibiotics don’t work.”

According to Malepati, the cause is rooted in consumer-driven health care, which irked shark Mark Cuban, who was critical of his product.  

“That is so wrong in every which way,” Cuban said. “I know family history and what happened in the past is more indicative of what is going to happen to your future than almost anything. So knowing information about yourself is critical.” 

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Malepati disagreed with Cuban’s assessment: “I don’t see how any of this is relevant to the patient walking in and requesting antibiotics and walking out with it.”

Malepati and Cuban continued to trade barbs. “You said part of the problem we’re facing in America today is a consumer-driven health care,” Cuban said. “So you think it’s a bad thing that consumers have more information about their health?”

Malepati clarified his statement, saying he thinks products are marketed to consumers who may not have adequate health literacy to determine whether or not they are effective. 

Holding up the EZC Pak, Cuban agreed: “That’s why this (expletive) gets sold. Because that’s why there’s tons of these out there.”

Shark Robert Herjavec came to Malepati’s defense: “I don’t think that’s fair, Mark. I think the way he said it is fair.”

shark tank Doctor with virus fighting supplement isn’t immune to criticism

But it was obvious even as Malepati continued his pitch, his thoughts were still on Cuban. He drew the anger of shark Lori Greiner, a big zinc advocate, by ignoring her.   Source


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