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Samsung to release galaxy S10 this month


Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S10 in San Francisco,  confirming all of rumors  about   the qualities of Samsung’s next phone to be released. As Samsung’s 10th anniversary  of Galaxy S phones, the Galaxy S10 is of particular importance.

Samsungs   GalaxyS phones are really important since it lead their brand to become the world’s top smartphone brand. It also comes at a time when phone sales are slipping, but still went rival

The many rumors  about Galaxy S10 paint a picture of a super Android phone that improves on 2018’s Galaxy S9 with multiple powerful cameras, the world’s first “ultrasonic” in-screen fingerprint reader, and a new screen with an O-shaped “punch-hole” not-notch for the selfie camera.


The Galaxy S10 is just around the corner, here’s what it may look like

Infinity-O screen in action,

 an in-screen fingerprint reader

 3D depth-mapping camera


The Galaxy S10 matters  very much if the company coild boast of any achievements by the end of 2019. The specs rumored if true,will shape Samsung’s response to intensifying pressures from other phone companies. low S10 sales could open the door for Huawei, a Chinese challenger that replaced Apple as the second-largest brand, selling 200 million phones in 2018.

futhermopre,below are some anticipated features to see on galaxy S10

1. An Overhaul that design

While some might say that Samsung has perfected the Galaxy S brand,  others are waiting for Samsung to give its 10th anniversary phone a surprise feature to amaze the world. The Galaxy S10 will earn applause if it can prove the Galaxy S brand super, and attract sharp criticism if the device bears too many similarities to last year’s model.


2. Good depth-sensing 3D camera
As rumored,Galaxy S10 will have an in-screen fingerprint reader.again, it’s also critical that the S10 have a quality 3D depth-sensing camera to go along with it.

3. A Samsung galaxy-s9-face-iris-intelligent-scan-unlock
Samsung now offers four different ways of unlocking the Galaxy

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  1. Facial recognition

2. Iris scanning,

3. Fingerprint scanning

4. Intelligent Scan.( combination of iris and face)

3. The Pixel 3-level photos
The Galaxy S9 brought us an innovative new camera with a lens that automatically changes aperture (the amount of light it lets in) when it senses low light conditions. But the camera that takes our breath away belongs to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

4.  A 128GB starting storage

The Note 9  already comes with 128GB of storage by default,  you can upgrade to a 512GB model though.

. My hope is that the new model Galaxy S10 comes out with 128GB storage, to match the Galaxy Note 9.


5.  AR with Google’s help
Samsung’s Gear VR headset  has virtual reality space, but AR on the phone hasn’t been the brand’s strong suit.

The Galaxy S10 could seize the opportunity to move AR forward

6. A  Two-way charging
The battery would get us one step closer to  having of all-day battery life on the Galaxy S10.  You can use your Galaxy S10 to charge another device via the USB-C port.


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