Home Innovations Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus shows dual-selfie camera on a frontpage photo

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus shows dual-selfie camera on a frontpage photo


Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus shows  dual-selfie camera in new frontpage photo

Samsung’s Galaxy  announcement is now less than a month away. The  much anticipated event is expected to see the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 range, as well as the all-new folding, eye-wateringly expensive Galaxy X features.

prior to the announcement, a photograph showing Galaxy S10 Plus handset has surfaced online. The new device is the successor to the Galaxy S9 Plus, which was launched worldwide in March 2018.

The refcent leaked photo confirms recent rumours that have been coming out from Samsung’s supply chain, including the new all-screen design that pushes the AMOLED display to the very edge of the chassis


In order to increase the amount of screen while keeping the physical footprint of the handset small enough to still be usable one-handed, Samsung has rebuild the front-facing camera to a small pinhole in the display.

besides the other two handsets in the Galaxy S10 line-up, the S10 Plus is expected  to support a dual front-facing camera. And that’s exactly what you can see in the latest leaked photoshot of the  upcomming  phone.

The latest Galaxy S10 Plus photo was posted by renowned Samsung insider Ice Universe.

Samsung has the dual-camera set-up on the back of its Galaxy S9 Plus and Galaxy Note 9 too added an adjustable, artificial bokeh-style blur behind the subject of the photographs. called Live Focus, This effect could be brought to selfies thanks to the addition of the secondary front-facing camera with the Galaxy S10 Plus phone.

Samsung has already added this capability to its Galaxy A8 smartphone, which also has two front-facing cameras.

However, it’s possible Samsung has something different in stock this time around. there may have decided to take a tip from the Google Pixel playbook and use the dual front-facing camera to take ultra-wide selfies.

Google Pixel 3 added these ability to zoom-out when taking a photo with the selfie camera to fit larger groups into the frame without the need for a selfie stick.

These  additional functionality provided by the dual front-facing camera has not been revieled ahead of Galaxy Unpacked.


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