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Amazing ! Samsung Galaxy S11 to have 64MP camera

Samsung Galaxy S11 64MP
Samsung Galaxy S11 64MP

Amazing! Samsung Galaxy S11 to have a 64MP camera

How clearer do you want your pictures to be? cameras with larger pixels have emerged over the years. But this year Samsung has manufactured a whopping 64MP camera for you!-Samsung galaxy S11 64MP

New phones always have better cameras, we saw the Samsung Galaxy S10 released this year with a triple camera array.

Samsung Galaxy S11 64MP
Samsung Galaxy S11 64MP

Nevertheless, Samsung could be coming out with something impressive with cameras on their upcoming galaxy S11 of the galaxy series.

Quite recently the company posted in its newsroom that it has created to new cameras sensors 48MP and 64MP.

Currently, the highest resolution camera on the market is 48MP, so it an impressive step for Samsung to come up with a whopping 64MP resolution camera. New phones like the Honor view 20 or the Xiomi MI 9 have 48 MP cameras.

When will Samsung galaxy S11 be launched?

Producing of these cameras by Samsung does not guarantee the presence of the cameras on the next series of phones the company may release. This is a huge step for the brand as their latest galaxy series S10 plus has only 16MP in one of the sensors. however, with the recent competition among manufacturing companies like Huawei about camera pixel density, Samsung could be releasing their next Galaxy flagship handset S11 with a 64MP camera.

The technology needed for taking pictures with the 64MP camera is already in existence as  QUALCOMM recently agreed that their Snapdragon 855 processor chipset can support pictures up to 192MP. Samsung Galaxy S11 64MP.

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The cameras may be seen on their Galaxy Note 10 that may be lunch few months to come, however, the camera is definitely going to be featured on their Galaxy S11 which is expected to to be lunch by February 2020.

Again, we must expect to see the camera in a lot handset that may be released from now on. We know that Samsung is working on several foldable phones that may be released in the future. The company also launched galaxy A80 with powerful cameras and great specification.

The company also provides other smartphone companies with this cameras too, some VIVO, apple, Motorola and Nokia phones use their cameras too, so let’s expect to see the cameras on phones from other brands too.


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