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Pope francis’s click to pray app, all you need to know



Pope Francis has outdoored to Catholics a new way to pray that requires no kneeling, no folded hands all you need is the connection to the internet.

The pope last week launched his Click To Pray app, which was described as the “official app of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network that revolutionizes praying.” Catholics can click on the mobile phone app, or log into a website,.
Pope Francis displayed the app during his weekly address at St. Peter’s Square. The priest standing next to him held an iPad, as the pope tapped the screen before the crowd below.

This app was launched just days ahead of the Catholic World Youth Day, which is expected to draw at least 150,000 young people to the celebration in Panama. furthermore, the app allows the pope to connect with young people where they are on their mobile phones and tablets.

With Click To Pray app, prayer is now easier as you can do it at any time and anywhere, according to the app’s promotions.

The app  is in three sections.

 Section one

 This allows users to read “Pray with the Pope,” which involves reading Pope Francis’ monthly prayer intentions and clicking a box to show they’re praying for them, too.

section two

this offers three daily prayers, which users are encouraged to read morning, noon and night. After reading them, they click on a box  and their prayers go to heaven.

section three

again,those faithful can also link to an online prayer network where they can post their own prayer on a message board to be shared in the pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network.

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The app has got many endorsement worwide,

Tanner Hopkins, 19, an electrical engineering student, said his father told him about the app earlier this week. He tried to open it on his phone, but had connection problems.

“This seems like something for people already committed to the church, to strengthen their bonds,” said Hopkins. “It’s not great evangelization.”

The app is available in six languages, which should cover most of Minnesota’s estimated 1 million Catholics. Young people may be drawn to an online “prayer wall,” for posting personal concerns. “We pray for you and you pray for us,” the app says. “You will never be alone.” Amazing!

The Click To Pray app has already reported more than 1 million prayers as of Friday. This app is belived to bring prayer to an online platform and get the youths of today engaged in praying activities.


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