Google to enable users pay for apps and games in play store with cash


Pay for apps and games in play store with cash

How disappointed do you feel if you could not access an app or game from the play store due to the payment options they have- pay for apps and games in play store with cash?

 pay for apps and games in play store with cash

Especially in recent times of credit card theft and other illicit monetary activities by some internet users.

Some people in Africa are even afraid to enter their credit card details into online payment buttons.

This has made online transactions an option for few people in Africa.until services like mobile money were introduced to enable users to pay for services with push notifications on their mobile phones.

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This year Google has come out with an option that could make buying of stuff from the internet easier

Google in recent announcements, said it has “pending transactions” a new feature to enable users to pay for apps and games in play store with cash.

Currently, Google allows users to use varieties of credit cards, PayPal and other payment options in buying apps and games from their shop. For the sake of easy access, Google has announced that the company is getting things right to enable users to pay cash for apps and games.

This initiative by Google is to ease the stress of those who might not have credit cards to makes purchases from the shop.

It is obvious that not everybody around the globe has credit cards and not everybody knows how to use these payment options.

Until now, the inability to pay for services online by users that are not familiar with online payment buttons have made developers including Google to loss huge incomes of the years. This could be remedied with this step by Google.

Speaking at the I/O developer conference in CaliforniaAurash Mahbod, Director of engineering at Google said; we know that emerging markets are a key area of growth for you all. And that is why we are happy to outdoor “pending transactions”. This is a new type of delayed form of payment like credit cards or bank transfer, he said.

How to buy apps from google play store without credit cards

“Pending transactions” allows users to buys apps from google play store and make final payment at a convenient supermarket nearby. In downloading an app, you must pay fo.

when you select pending transactions, you would be provided with a code which you would send to a nearby shop to finalize payments. Once payment is done at a location, shops or supermarkets, your app or game would be unlocked instantly and made available to you.

Google has not officially announced the date the system will be live or countries to start using the service first but very soon the system would take effect.

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