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Other functions of your e-zwich cards exposed

other functions of e-zwich cards
other functions of e-zwich cards

Other functions of e-zwich cards, Here are some other stuffs you must know about the cards

Other functions of e-zwich cards


The e-zwich POS supports both online and offline transactions. This dual capability ensures that e-zwich services can be accessed in all parts of the country whether or not the area has good communications network.

Transactions such as Cash Deposit, Cash withdrawal and Sale are completed offline and consequently could be successfully completed in the remotest part of the country without regard to the efficiency of the telecommunication infrastructure.

Security– Other functions of e-zwich cards

e-zwich cardholders benefits from the highest security standards through the biometric (fingerprint) client authentication system. As a requirement, all fingers of a cardholder are scanned during enrolment and the templates stored on the client card.

When performing any transaction, the e-zwich device (ATM or POS), will demand the verification of the cardholder by comparing the fingerprint presented on the device scanner to any of those stored on the card. By implication, a stolen or lost card cannot be used by anyone except the owner. Any transaction that results in the movement of funds off an e-zwich card requires the biometric verification of the cardholder before the transaction can be successfully completed.

Interoperability– Other functions of e-zwich cards

A key difference between the e-zwich card and other electronic payment instruments is the fact that e-zwich can be accessed more widely that most. Currently, all the major banks, rural banks and savings and loans companies offer services to all e-zwich cardholders regardless of the bank that issued the card.

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Retail and corporate merchants are also able to offer e-zwich services to all e-zwich cardholders. As e-zwich cardholders, you therefore can leverage on the branch network of all participating financial institutions for all e-zwich transactions as if they were outlets of your bank without any complications.

Transfer of funds from e-zwich card to mobile money

Transfer of funds from e-zwich card to mobile money (MoMo) wallet is on a steady rise as the public is making good use of the second phase of mobile money interoperability service.

The second phase of MoMo interoperability, which was launched in late November last year, was to enable the public to send money from their e-zwich card to their MoMo wallet and vice versa.

Figures from the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems Ltd (GhIPSS), showed that in January this year alone, transfer of funds from e-zwich card to MoMo wallet, was done more than 9,000 times with values exceeding GHc3 million.

In this phase of the MoMo interoperability, it enables connectivity among the main payment platforms in Ghana comprising bank account, MoMo and e-zwich.

Mr. Archie Hesse, Chief Executive of GhIPSS said the movement of funds across mobile networks as well as from e-zwich cards, clearly shows the relevance of the interoperability project.

He said the third phase, which will ensure interoperability at the agents’ level will further drive electronic payments in Ghana. Ghana has made steady progress toward electronic payments and a lot more is expected to take place this year, as GhIPSS rollout its projects for the year.

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Transfer of funds from e-zwich card to MoMo wallet until recently, could only be done at banking halls.

But GhIPSS has begun upgrading the point of sales (PoS) of e-zwich agents to enable them to also offer the transfer to MoMo wallet. A number of agents in Accra offer the service and officials of GhIPSS said they were moving to the regions to also upgrade their PoSs.

Mr Hesse said the major breakthrough had made movement of funds seamless across the platforms and facilitating payments for businesses as well as individuals.

The use of e-zwich to pay emoluments has gone up significantly as it has become an important tool to weed out ghost names from payrolls.

Many people, therefore, receive their remunerations on the card and the interoperability means that funds received on the card, can be moved to their bank account as well as their MoMo wallet.


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