New iPhone 11 release date, price in ghana, and main features of the phone

 Apple will announce its iPhone 11 models on Tuesday, Sept. 10, and the new models are reported to come along with ios 13 Beta.

previous iphone release dates

Tue Sept 12, 2017: iPhone X/8/8 Plus

Wed Sept 7, 2016: iPhone 7/7 Plus

Wed Sept 9 2015: iPhone 6S/6S Plus

Tue Sept 9, 2014: iPhone 6/6 Plus

Tue Sept 10, 2013: iPhone 5S/5C

Wed Sept 12, 2012: iPhone 5

Many tech blogs predicted the lunch dates from the previous ones, iPhones lunch dates by apple happens In usually September annually.

This year, after major rumours and guesses, September 10th, which was however predicted by many people was choosenby apple to lunch the phone

Here are the main features iPhone 11 models are expected to come with

new iphone 11


1. No notch (or, at least, a smaller one)

The iPhone X made the smartphone notch a mainstream ‘thing’ – but with the advent of punch-hole cameras and under-screen technology on our phones, the notch needs to go. 

While Apple needs that space to chuck in the array of sensors that make Face ID as secure as it is, we want a new solution – and Apple has the means to work out what that is, as well as helping attract a new raft of users.

The notch is big… imagine if it wasn’t there on the new iPhone

2. A new design

While the current design of the iPhone XS and XS Max is one of the best out there, we want something new, something more. Apple could make things more sleek, remove more of the physical buttons or even wrap the screen around – a statement can be made with some smart engineering.

Sadly, that doesn’t seem likely to appear until 2020’s iPhone – the new iPhone in 2019 looks destined to stay rather similar to the last two generations’ design. of new iphone 11

As expected, iPhone 11 will ship with iOS 13. iOS 13 is expected to be announced at WWDC 2019. … The high-end ‘iPhone 11‘ (iPhone 11 Max?) will feature a triple rear camera system. The successor to theiPhone XR, with LCD screen panel, will be upgraded from a single rear lens to a dual-camera system.

4. Better battery life of new iphone 11

new iPhone 11

We say this ever year, but the fact remains that iPhones still aren’t the strongest performers when it comes to battery life.

That said, the iPhone XR was one of the longest-lasting devices ever from the Cupertino brand, so let’s see some of the prowess baked into the larger, more expensive iPhones. It’s not easy (damned physics keeps getting in the way) but that doesn’t mean improvements can’t be made.

5. eSIM only

The current iPhones – the XS, XS Max and iPhone XR – all pack an eSim alongside their main, physical card. 

While it would be weird at first, Apple has the power to change users’ attitudes to what’s acceptable on a smartphone (think how everyone is now losing the headphone jack) and making the SIM virtual would allow greater freedom to hop between networks and deals at will, rather than being stuck on one contract for too long. 

With 5G on the way, that’s going to see a lot more competition for users – and flexibility will be the number one benefit for those wanting a great phone deal.


An apparent pricing leak broke via Evad3rs in early May, claiming that Apple will offer the iPhone 11 on undisclosed contracts for $399 (128GB), $499 (256GB), and $599 (512GB) from September 20, 2019. SIM-free pricing was claimed to be $999 (128GB), the $1099 (256GB) and the $1199 (512GB).

iPhone 11 Price In Ghana

Apple iPhone 11 is an upcoming smartphone by Apple with an expected price of Ghanaian Cedi GHS6,750 in Ghana, all specs, features and Price on this page are unofficial, official price, and specs will be updated on the official announcement.

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