Home Innovations New features to expect on New iphone XI (iphone 11)

New features to expect on New iphone XI (iphone 11)

New iphone 11

New features to expert on new iphone XI (iphone 11)

New iPhone 11

IPhone XS have emerged quite along time ago and apple lovers are already eager to know the release dates of iPhone XI or iPhone 11

But what changes should we expect? The most recent  iPhone 11 rumors has to do with three-camera array on the back of the phone, which certainly means better photo and video quality than other iphones.

The third rear camera  added could also boost Apple’s controversial reality vision, as CEO Tim Cook usually  talked about the power of AR on the iPhone and iPad. .

The iPhone 11 may also come with an increased battery life.it is also possible the phone would feature the wireless changing system which huawei and Samsung have already integrated into their latest phones.

Update: The iPhone 11R is rumored to have a 3,110mAh battery. Plus, iOS 13’s beta has suggested the iPhone 11 may come with a USB-C port rather than a Lightning one.

  1. No notch for New iphone 11

Love it or hate it, the notch has taken the smartphone world by storm, with a sharp influx in the design aesthetic after the arrival of the iPhone X – however it seems many of the competition have already surpassed Apple’s implementation.

New iphone 11

The Apple notch is distinctive thanks to its size, but that’s also its Achilles heel. It takes up a large amount of space along the top of the screen while we seen Android makers bring us dew-drop screens which are only as big a single front facing camera.

What’s preventing the notch from simply being ditched is all the tech Apple has crammed into it, and to remove it completely could mean a loss of some features – such as Face ID.

Apple can probably relocate the microphone, proximity sensor and speaker, which in turn may see a reduction in size of the notch – which would be a step in the right direction.

But, no notch would be the killer look – with a clean, elegant design that will surely turn heads.

New iPhone 11

The notch is big… imagine if it wasn’t there on the new iPhone

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  1. A new design

The current design of the XS and XS Max is fantastic – solid, premium and sleek, it’s one of the most desirable looks on the market, so is it cheeky of us to ask for something new? But we expect apple to come up with something unique with iPhone 11.

It’s already removed the headphone jack and home button, so our focus is now on the alert slider, volume buttons and power key.

  1. Better battery life

This has been a major concern but the fact still remains that iphones don’t have strong batteries.

New iphone 11

The iPhone XS provided an improvement in battery over the iPhone X,

Phone Battery technology isn’t going to give us the multiple days of battery life we saw from feature phones back in the early 2000s due to the multiple task this smartphones perform , but if  iPhone can stretch up to two days from a single charge would really get people talking.

  1. eSIM only

The latest round of iPhones (the XS and co.) offer dual SIM capabilities, but they can only hold one physical SIM. That’s because the other one is an eSIM, which is built into the handset and can be assigned to a network upon activation.

According to leaks, apple said it an old fashion to sliding sims in to phones, looking at the trend in technology. The company intends to have an eSim setup built  in the upcoming iPhone 11 or iPhone XI, this sim can be activated by network companies.

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