Latest version of android Q pie optimized for mobile gaming


Android Q pie optimized for mobile gaming

The latest features of the latest Android operating system could make android the best operating system for playing mobile games, android Q pie optimized for mobile gaming.

The latest features on their latest versions of the operating system could make playing games on android phones the best option for the mobile gamer. In the mobile gaming world, the main challenge is the operation of other apps on the phone whiles the game is running. these apps contribute greatly to the smooth and fast running of games.

android Q pie optimized for mobile gaming

Latest android versions Q pieĀ  new features

The audio playback capture mode will be of particular interest to streamers. The new feature will allow third-party apps to record other apps audio. As at now, Android can let you capture screenshots and use some other ways to capture videos too.

However, with the latest features on their current versions of Android, the operating system gives you the ability to copy the audio being played by other apps.

the new feature is to enable the screen capture but for audio only. It uses is basically for apps that want to capture the audio being played by other games.

Most apps already let you record the audio from the phone’s mic. this hinders the sound quality. But with the updates, this should be issues of the past now!.

Another latest feature on the android is the thermal API, this aims to make it easier for app developers to monitor the temperature of CPU and GPU.

How the new features work-android Q pie optimized for mobile gaming

Instances where the system reports thermal stress, other apps running can reduce some of their functionalists to reduce power usage in various ways. This was reported by the Android reporter press release.

For instance, when your devices report thermal stress, background operations will automatically be optimized to reduce battery usage and hence cool the system. Backlights could be reduced automatically, apps not in use can stop operating, system cache could be cleared etc. All this optimization would be done automatically to reduce the temperature of the device system as reported by the thermal API.

With this new feature, gaming could become more comfortable with mobiles, this is because manufacturers can now load gaming phones with more cooling systems. This results from the number of pressure games put on phones CPU and GPU.

Mobile gaming is a market that is expanding and more companies are producing gaming phones due to high demand for the devices.

With this, we believe mobile games will be laughing at the right sides of their mouth since there are soon going to be served with mobile phones that have been optimized for playing games.

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The company announced this at their annual O/I event in silicon valley in California. The

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