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Latest garlic peel hack so mind blowing

garlic peel hack

Latest amazing way to peel garlic a hack

Garlic peel hack; Every day of our lives, something new emerges.this includes lifestyle, technology etc. Some of this new discoveries are mind blowing. The most recent one is the latest hack about peeling garlic . this looks like a hack though but it worth trying.

If you’ve ever cooked anything, ever, you’ve probably used garlic at one point or another. If wine is the nectar of the gods, garlic is the holy vegetable (root? bulb?) equivalent. In fact, so many  people around the world rely on garlic in their cooking,but it usage has reduced in recent times.


The way it handled before cooking hasn’t changed either.

Sure, many seasoned chefs out there are use  to the only knife smash technique for peeling garlic. But a variety of viral techniques have popped up over the years, including lots of shaking the garlic like it’s a Polaroid picture.

But there must   be a another way — something more refined, something that wouldn’t destroy the integrity of the garlic.

There had been better ways of doing things all this while as years pass by and new discoveries are made.

A twiter user @VPestilenZ posted a trick that involves using a knife to gently stab and pull each individual piece of garlic out of its skin, effectively peeling and separating them at the same time.

Normal home cooks, professional chefs, and even celebrities, Chrissy Teigen (known for her own plethora of kitchen hacks,) were all impressed.

Maybe even a little surprised. How had this hack gone unknown for so long? Do people know about this ?

Garlic peel hack

Some users who attempted to put the hack into action were very careful — many were left wondering if this was like pull-apart pineapple “hack,” where the end result is significantly messier and less satisfying than the video makes it seem.

Garlic peel hack

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The only way to have a feel of this is to try it out your self! Hurry and give it a try!.


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