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Jumia affiliate partners program, make money online

Jumia affiliate program

Jumia is the number one name when it comes to online stores in Ghana, the company has provided the country with services ranging from selling basic house hold items, digital items, clothing, etc, Jumia affiliate partners program

The company itself owns about 15% of  stuffs while entrepreneurs worldwide sell the rest 85%, consequently jumia have introduced various mechanism of online selling and buying which has made the company the number one online store in Ghana.

the company also provides a platform for affiliate marketing , unfortunately most Ghanaians are not aware of this cool way of making money from home with Jumia.

Technologygist.com has gathered all the information required to start earning money from home thorough jumia.

  Jumia affiliate partners program         …How it works

Basically working online with jumia is an easy process and requires no technical knowledge in online marketing or  tools, working from Home with jumia simply requires you to drive buyers (people looking for items jumia might be selling ) To their store, and you get paid commissions any time someone from your traffic( people you direct to jumia online store) makes a purchase from the store! You can also choose multiple countries and direct traffic to jumia for sales and earn good money.

            How much can I earn, technologygist.com

Every one wants to be paid good money after working right? With jumia affiliate , your commission for a product basically depends on the price the seller is selling the item in the store! So the higher the price of the item, the higher the commission and vice versa ! But you can make good money if you have a good system of generating  both local and international traffic, jumia pays averagely from 11% as commissions to it afflite makerters

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 Jumia affiliate partners program                HOW DOES IT WORK?

To start working with jumia from home,

  1. vistit https://affiliates.jumia.com and Register for free you would get approved the next day.
    Advertise using their wide range of banners,  feeds or their deeplink generator. Use the advertising tools on your dashboard to drive traffic to their  store .
    Earn a commission up to 11%, on all orders a customer makes within 30 days from clicking on your ad. Here you are paid commissions for orders that your customers successfully pays for within 30days.
    Use their  comprehensive reporting tools to analyze and optimize your performance for a higher return.

Testimonials about jumia affiliate programme

48 hours after joining Jumia’s Affiliate Program, I was already prepared to quit my fulltime job. – Ahmad Yasser

A few months ago I joined Jumia’s Affiliate Program. I didn’t know anything about affiliate business. The supportive team at Jumia helped me get started until I was able to start making money.- Khaled Omar

I’m building new websites every week to increase my reach so that I can double what I’m already making with Jumia.

So there you go join jumia affiliate programme and start making income from home.

Comment your views and problems below , for reply!

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