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jailbreak iphones easily with this steps

jailbreak iphones

Jailbreaking your iPhone means you are completely on your own. this is because your phone may not be covered by warranties provided by Apple. Also,  carrier providers may not be able to help you when your phone has network problems. jailbreak iPhones

Jailbreaking your iPhone simply means freeing the phone from limitations imposed on it by manufactures apple and carrier provides . after a jailbreak you would be able to perform some other activities you could not do first.

Jailbreaking requires technical knowledge but some third party apps could be of help

In today’s post, we will learn how to jailbreak iPhone using windows.

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jailbreak iphones

Follow the steps below to jailbreak iPhones on windows.

jailbreak iPhones

  1. Be smart to back up your phone With iTunes or cloud before you start the process.
  2. Now download the latest version of chimaera jailbreak app and Cydia impactor app. Follow these links to download them.
  3. Extract the Cydia impactor zip and install on your windows laptop
  4. Launch the zip impactor on your laptop
  5. Now connect your phone to your laptop with a USB cable, click on trust if prompted and continue to iTunes
  6. Enter your apple id and password
  7. Cydia impactor will now detect the IPA and install the chimaera jailbreaker app on your device
  8. Launch the settings app on your phone and tap general, then iPhone storage, select software update and delete it
  9. Go back to general and make your apple id trusted
  10. Swipe the screen of your iPhone to turn aeroplane mood on
  11. Hold down the power button to put your phone off for few seconds and restart
  12. Still in aeroplane mood lunch the chimaera app
  13. Click jailbreak to start jailbreaking
  14. You would be prompted to reboot your phone, tap ok
  15. After reboot, re-launch the chimaera app and tap jailbreak again
  16. Chimaera will show up and Sileo will appear
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jailbreak iphones

You are done!

Be careful when going through these steps as slight mistakes may damage your phone!






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