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How to take nice photo shoots with mobile phones

take nice photo shoots with mobile phones
take nicer images

Phone cameras have come along way in recent times and have played major roles in the success of social media over the years, quality pictures have an Impart on how successful your blog or website becomes. take nice photo shoots with mobile phones

Unfortunately DSLR cameras are very expesive to buy in recent times

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In this post-technologygist.com have come up with 6 best ways you can take quality pictures with your phones.

  1. Use gridlines,

Grid lines help to balance your shoots when taking shots with mobile devices it is one of the easiest ways to take quality shots with your mobile devices. If you are using iPhones then follow these steps to activate the grid lines, settings, photos or camera, grid, select grid and activate it, Get Closer

Most often we zoom objects to have it lager so we can snap with our mobile devices, this is not the right thing to do instead just come a little closer to the object you want to snap and take your shots! take nice photo shoots with mobile phones

  • Clean the lens

 Your phone may not have lens cap to protect it from all the dust, you must clean the lens regularly to keep it clean , you have to get a lens cleaner to do this perfectly, you can also use a clean fabric to do this.

  • Use editors

Photo editors may play a great role in the nice pictures we see around this days,,getting a good photo editor may be of great healp,photoshop express, pics art and iphoto are great apps that may help you achive this goal.

  • Take pictures from a wieder angle
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Taking pictures from a wieder angle can be compared with the eye view of a bird or fish, you must be creative to take such pictures. You may have to laydown or stand on a roof top to do this.

  • Forget the flash light

In most cases switching your flashlight result in blurry images, you may have to look for an alternate source of light to take pictures in the dark. take nice photo shoots with mobile phones

  • Turn your phone on it sides

The web has a horizontal  interface ,so we must aways to take horizontal pictures always so we have great pictures on the web.

With the above steps , you should be taking great pictures with your mobile devices, feel free to share your comment below!


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