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How to create your own WhatsApp stickers


Create your own whatapp stickers-How to create your own WhatsApp stickers

WhatsApp removed  the sticky label function quite recently ,  so  if you wish to  have  your friends sending you the stickers again then  This post is going to  generally teach you how you can upload your very own non-public stickers  to  WhatsApp in a some simple steps.

Follow the this steps carefully to avoid any inconveniences

1.Download the App background Remover & private Stickers for WhatsApp from the play sore or the web.

2. From there click on your picture and attempt to preserve the heritage less cluttered.

3.Open the  background Remover App and do away with the heritage the usage of te auto device, Use the restore tool if required

4.Keep the picture.  Here The app by default saves the pics in .PNG format

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5.Open the App personal Stickers for WhatsApp you downloaded earlier

 6.You may see the folder Eraser with the intention to have the picture  you saved.  

That allows you to upload it to

7.. Create 2 extra to add the stickers to WhatsApp

click  on the add button and Thats It.

There,  go to the EMOJI icon above the keyboard and at the bottom, you may see a new icon next to the GIF button.
now you may use your very own non-public Stickers on WhatsApp there!

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