Google digital skills for africa online course with certification


Are you an african that has great interest in the works of google?  Do you aspire to become inclined in online marketing, Do you wish to generate traffic to websites or blogs that would lead you to make sales of products etc …what ever your choice is google provides you an opportunity to get yourself enlightened  in diverse ways of being online.

Digital skills for Africa , an online course with certification  introduce by google provides africans all the necessary ideas and ways to get your self a establish in the fast raisng world of online activities

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The course is made up of 26 modules, with each module having a number of a lesson in it. Each lesson has trial quizzes at the end which you must pass to proceed.

Discover a range of free learning content designed to help grow your business or jumpstart your career. You can learn by selecting individual modules, or dive right in and take an entire course end-to-end

the categories available are

Data and Tech

Digital Marketing

Career Development

After completing all the 26 modules, you wold take a final exams of 40 multiple choice questions , when score 32/40 you would be awarded a certififcate.

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