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Gifted mom : the best health solution provider in Africa

gifted mom

Gifted mom. Over the years technology have played an important role in the world of health.

Hospitals have the services of AI enabled devices to help quick health care delivery.

Africa in recent times have also improved on their health system with new technologies coming up.

Drones are now helping in delivery of blood, drugs from one hospital to other hospitals, this has reduced death rate significantly. Computer systems are programed to help in the processing of folders of patients in hospitals.

gifted mom
gifted mom

Gifted mom , a company based Cameroon, Africa, has played a significant role in the life of pregnant and nursing mothers in the country, the company ,the developers of the gifted mom  have use their apps to give information to their clients on health related information  and other services as well.

Other companies have also initiated similar projects and others are researching to come up with life changing programs and software’s.

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Currently, gifted mom are running the following services.

  1. Follow up of pregnant woman

The company tracks the health progress of their clients and provide support

  1. Antenatal care SMS notification

In this service, gifted mom gives sms notification to clients on their pregnancy checkup dates.

  1. Help mothers to find Laps and babysitters

The company provides easy access to laboratories for woman to go for checkup. It also provides babysitters to mothers who may need help.

  1. Help with help insurance providers

The company have gathered a list of health insurance providers to help mothers get the best health insurance package.

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They are other services the company offer as well. The company which is probably  the leading health solution provider in Africa, provides pregnant women with latest health information and provides quick access to health facilities. Their mission is simple and clear, a world free of maternal and infant mortality is their priority.

Visit their website to get in touch through the.

technologygist.com .



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