Get employed by google with this simple steps


Have you been yearning to work with Google, it quite difficult to get employed at Google.

In today’s post, we are going to learn some tips that may earn you a job instantly with google.

Quite recently google does not really rely on GPA to employ staff, but a good GPA could play a vital role though!.

Annually Google employs quite a number of workers worldwide and the company is the 5th highest paying company worldwide.

Get employed by google

Get employed by google

Without wasting much time lets look  at 10 tips to Get employed by google

  1. Get professional training

Getting professional training that makes you ready for the job is want google wants. The more knowledge you have about the job Google is employing you for, the greater your chances of working with Google.

  1. Have good coding skills (when applying for engineering jobs)

When applying for engineering jobs, make sure you are good in interpreting codes, codes are definitely going to be your work interface with engineering jobs.

  1. Don’t write your GPA on your resume if it too low

Tons of applications are with Google.  writing a low GPA on your resume means it may be neglected upon comparison with other resumes with a high GPA in their archives.

  1. Be skilled in one area

Google prefers working with employees that are very skilled in a particular area.  They have an interest in diversity though!

  1. Add other stuff to your resume

Adding something unique to your resume will make it considerate. So add some amazing list of activities on your resume to put you ahead of others.

  1. Show your engineering skills

Let them know you are a rock star in engineering by providing some sort of evidence

  1. Let them know you are passionate about Google

Explain why you want to work with Google and let them know how passionate you are with the works of Google genuinely

  1. Apply through the right source

Applying to Google through the right channel will make an impact on you getting the job.

It is advisable to follow Google via their social media platforms or apply through their official website.

  1. Clearly, communicate how you can help the company

Let them know how you can help the company. bring out initiatives, show creativity and passion.

  1. Have some working experience

Have some experience in the area you are seeking the job. This makes them feel you good for the job

Get employed by google


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