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How to get a free iPhone from Apple easily

get a free iPhone from apple

Do you yearn so much to have a feel of the latest model of iPhone? Are you having a hard time purchasing an iPhone for your personal use? Or do you just want to get a free iPhone from Apple without paying a dime? Or maybe you want to just get an iPhone so you could enjoy the fame of being an iPhone user.

Whatever your reasons may be, this post is simply composed to give you a step by step guide to get an iPhone for free.

Over the years, Apple has given numerous chances to both customers and the public to get some of their products for free. Currently, Apple allows replacements of the iPhone that are out of date, the user just needs to add a little amount of money to their previous iPhone and get the latest iPhone from Apple.

However, there are more ways one could get a new iPhone without paying a dime. Technologygist have researched and selected the best and easiest ways to get an iPhone for free in 2019. These methods are going to be shared with you right here in this post. Without wasting any time, let’s look at the ways you can get an iPhone for free in 2019.


This method has been used by many people to purchase items from many shops online.

There are many ways to earn gift cards, the easiest way is to complete simple tasks online and get paid with gift cards. The following websites also provide gift cards after you download some apps they may require you to download.   frees.com, gift cards.  Gift cards exist from $50,$100,$250, you may get any of your choice .

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After getting your gift your card, head over to amazon, eBay or any online shopping site and purchase any iPhone of your choice.

Some gift cards are specific for some online shops only, so be careful when selecting your cards.

Some websites may ask that you download and run the apps to get the gift cards, just take your time to follow their steps to get the gift card you want.

  1. Write to officially request an iPhone from Apple

You can officially write to apple and explain to them why you must be given an iPhone. Basically, the appropriate reason to give is you trying to publicize their products in your community since a lot of people don’t use the iPhone in your community.

Nevertheless, you can come up with other reason that is generally legit, just make sure your reason aims at helping Apple to get more customers and making the company popular.

HOW TO CONTACT APPLE-get a free iPhone from Apple

It really difficult to get this type of emails to the appropriate sector of apple, this is because by default, emails from the public may end up in the archives of the help team, thus the team responsible to address the problems of customers. Here is what you must do

  • Visit the official website of apple
  • Move to the about us page
  • Read the content on this page very well to get the various e-mails about the various part of the company.
  • send your mail to the sales management team
  • make your mail as official as possible
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this is the best ways to get free iPhone for free 2019.

Thank you for reading this post, hope it answers your question about free iPhone.

Share your thought and ask questions in the comment section.






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