Home Games Fifa 20 drops september 27th, Here are the new features added

Fifa 20 drops september 27th, Here are the new features added

Fifa 20 best players

Fifa 20 release date– Fifa 20 new features

Fifa 20 drops September 27, what are th new featres to expect from the game?

Goal,Goal,Goal,! Thus how the excitement sounds when you are playing Fifa games, Moving from amateur to professional player gives some refreshing memories, you know. Fifa 20 drops 27th September and here is what you should expect from the game..

Fifa 19 came with some refined graphics and real game play modes, making one feel like he was on the pitch himself when playing the game, however Fifa 20 is coming as an upgrade and will definitely have some good features than FIFA 19. Below are some new featrues on Fifa 2020

Pro Clubs- Fifa 20 new features

FIFA 20 will be bringing in a new avatar system which will see player creation change in Pro Clubs and across the rest of the game. While it maintains features of the old system—commentary name and setting celebration styles included—it builds on it, giving players more control over the creation of their, well, player. That includes a new morphing tool which will allow for more granular face shape creation and skin tone selection.

FIFA 20 will also bring back some player positions due to fan feedback so now Left and Right Forwards, Left and Right Wing Backs and Left and Right Midfielders are returning.

Greater control over players

Fifa 20 new features
Fifa 20 new features

In FIFA 20, the player progression system has upped its game slightly and now your choice of player height, weight and position will effect how they play. There are also 30 new player traits that can be paired with “specialty traits” can bring real benefits. There is, of course, an element of risk and reward to this as big benefits to one attribute can lead to a dip in others.

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New Fifa 20 broadcast features

Fifa 20 new features
Fifa 20 new features

There will be replay transition wipes, an on-screen watermark, club banners and a new Pro Clubs logo as well as augmented reality overlays at half-time and match intros.

Goal celebrations

Fifa 20 new features
Fifa 20 new features

 Goal celebrations aren’t restricted to one player anymore. Now, the camera won’t stay zoomed in on one player, it’ll stay out so that you can coordinate a celebration that includes the whole team.

Shooting, and composed finishing

As far as shooting is concerned, one-on-one situations between the player and the goalkeeper are about to become less frustrating. In FIFA 20, 1v1 shooting accuracy will be improved allowing for more shots on target, while goalkeepers will be slightly less “superhuman” when it comes to their reactions.

Fifa 20 new features
Fifa 20 new features

Even manual goalkeepers will be slowed down to more realistic speeds. Players controlling their goalkeeper using right-stick movement will now have to commit to a direction when attempting to make a save, making it feel more rewarding or more galling when you make it or miss it.

Away from the goal, volley-crossing and volley-shooting are being checked to make them more realistic. By more realistic, of course, we mean less accurate and a little more unpredictable.

Strafe dribbling

This will give you more dimension in attack, letting you lure an opponent in, opening up the potential to take on a defender with an agile, speedy player.

New penalty kicks and free kicks

All new systems come to penalty and free kicks, making them easier to pull off great goals from set pieces.. Free kicks in particular will be completely revamped, giving you greater control of spin on a shot.

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It’s not just shooting mechanics that are being addressed, passing is seeing a shakeup too. Easy passes will now be more accurate but more difficult passes like those at 180 degrees, first-time and those attempted in high-pressure moments will now result in slower/weaker balls which are less effective and easier to intercept. There are two new options for passing in addition to this. Manual Dinked passes, which will be used to elevate the ball over a defender’s leg and the Driven Pass-and-Go which will take over from the current manual pass combo

Match types

House Rules Cups and Practice. House Rules Cups is inspired by FIFA Kick-Off Mode’s House Rules and will see a new match type rotated each day with a different cup each weekend.

Practice, on the other hand, does exactly what you’d think; you can pit yourself against a variety of AI either alone or in your team. You can choose how challenging you want the AI to be and you can even choose which kind of tactics you want them to be using to ensure you’re feeling the right kind of pressure and practicing in the way you want. If that means playing against a team of 99-rated players applying high pressure you can do that.

It going to be an exciting year of gaming experience with Fifa 20 ! To stay updated on news on Fifa 20, COMMENT below or SUBSCRIBE to this blog. SOURCE



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