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FIFA 20 best players: The top 10 players you must play with

Fifa 20 best players

FIFA 20 best players, Fifa 20 came with lots of features, some of these features are just beyond imagination. think about having panelists discuss a virtual game you have set up to play, amazing right?

nevertheless, you still need to play with the best players in the game to always outplay your opponent.

in this post, we bring you the ten best players in the FIFA 2020 game.

FIFA 20 best players?

Tapping into the FIFA 20 best players list is critical if you’re going to see in the new year with some building blocks for your end-game squad. Because that’s where you should at this point of the FIFA 20 cycle: cementing one or two foundations which will still be in place when FIFA 21 rolls around. Below you’ll find profiles of the top ten cards currently available, and their expected cost on the transfer market. From Maldini to Messi via Zidane, this is your FIFA 20 best players guide.

Lionel Messi (RW, 96) FIFA 20 best players

The little magician is back atop the EA charts, with the highest rating of any currently active player in the game (94), and this TOTGS card taking him up to 96. EA has often struggled to reflect little Leo’s abilities and play-style in FIFA games, but this year’s card still makes him a monster in FUT. With a better dribbling rating than even prime Zidane or Ronaldinho, you know he’s going to be near-impossible to dispossess.

fifa 20 best player

Messi is available on the FUT market with more regularity than those Icons. He’s currently going for a cool 2.2 million coins on PS4, 2 million on Xbox One and 3 million on PC

Pelé (CF, 95)

Widely considered the greatest player of all time, if you don’t know about Pelé, you’re… well, let’s face it, you know about Pelé. He has an almost perfect rating in FIFA 20, with a 95 OVR score and five-star skills thrown in for fun.

fifa 20 best player

He’s an absolute weapon in attack, with 95 acceleration and 96 sprint speed, 95 finishing, 91 long shots and 89 heading. His 95 composure means he’s cooler than a cucumber in a fridge in Greenland, and with 94 positioning he’ll be in the right place at the right time to put away the rebounds when the mere mortals on your team miss their shots.

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Fancy buying him? Pele is tough to find, but when he does pop up on the market it’s for around 4 million on PS4, and 3.7m on Xbox One.

Diego Maradona (CAM, 95)

fifa 20 best player

The second-best card in FUT 20 lets you forget Diego Maradona’s off-field antics and get back to a time when he was less controversial. What’s that? Hand of God? Doping at the 1994 World Cup? OK, maybe Maradona’s always been a bit of an oddball, but with this card you can use that destructive nature to decimate your opponents.

Ronaldo (ST, 94)

fifa 20 best player

The best out-and-out striker in the game, Ronaldo is frighteningly great. His 94 acceleration and 93 sprint speed mean the best way to stop him is either by bricking up the goal or fouling him – and even then, he’ll probably still find a way to get through.

He’s not just useful for when you want to punt the ball long and have him leave the defenders in his dust, though. His superb dribbling, deadly free kicks and accurate volleys make him a threat for a whole range of play styles. Shame that he’s even pricier than those Icons above: you’re going to need 6 million coins to bring him in.

Zinedine Zidane (CAM, 94)

fifa 20 best player

EA made a big fuss of bringing Zizou to FIFA 20, and with good reason. He’s a very different type of attacking midfielder to Pelé and Maradona, and much more of a playmaker than either of them. That’s reflected in his tremendous 93 passing rating – place him behind your strikers and watch the assists rain down.

If he does need to go it alone, he can do that too, with 92 dribbling, 90 shooting and five-star skills rounding out his attacking prowess. You’ll also want Double-Z manning set pieces, with 91 free kick accuracy and 93 long pass. His 3.2 million price tag, though? Painful like a Euro 2004 last-minute winner.

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Cristiano Ronaldo (LW, 94)

fifa 20 best player

The FIFA 20 Juventus controversy – which sees Italy’s most successful club rebranded as Piemonte Calcio this year – dents Ronaldo’s base card rating, with the series’ former cover star slipping one OVR point behind long-time rival Messi. Not that you’ll worry much when this TOTW item is bolstering your frontline with 95 finishing, 96 shot power, 94 long shots and 91 heading accuracy.

In terms of pace he’s not quite a cheat player – 92 sprint speed, 89 acceleration – but inevitably Ron’s dribbling stats sing. You get 93 ball control, 96 composure, and a staggering 97 reactions. All for – wait for it – just under 1.2 million. For most players, this guy remains the endgame.

Kevin de Bruyne (CAM, 93)

fifa 20 best player

The all-conquering Belgian nabbed a TOTW reward for his pivotal role in Manchester City’s 8-0 home thrashing of Watford, but it’s since been surpassed by this incredible TOTGS item. It offers a 2+ OVR in comparison to his usual gold card. It’s also awesome in all departments.

Alright, other than defending – for those categories KDB scores 70 or less. But 96 vision, 95 crossing, 94 short passing, 93 composure… if you can find the 490,000 coins needed to reel him in, he’ll be winning you FIFA 20 Squad Battles and rivals matches through to next August.

Neymar Jr (LW, 93)

He’s triggered a fair few brouhahas over the years – be grateful FIFA has never followed in the ways of mid-2000s PES and introduced a dive button – but it’s impossible to feel anything other than love for Neymar in FUT.

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Get the brilliant Brazilian and a world of tricks opens up. The hocus pocus. The advanced rainbow. The doo wop shimmy boy (I might have made that one up). But he’s not just an artful dribbler – he can shoot, pass and score free kicks, all with the cool demeanour of someone who doesn’t care about courting controversy.

Paolo Maldini (CB, 92)

It’s about time we saw some defenders make this list, and Paolo Maldini takes the honour for the best of the lot. He scores a near-perfect 95 in defending, with some incredible stats: 96 interceptions, 94 defensive awareness, 95 sliding tackle and a frankly ridiculous 96 standing tackle. Thinking about taking him on in a one-on-one? Don’t even bother.

Better yet, his 82 acceleration and 82 sprint speed help him keep pace with all but the fastest strikers, and he scores plenty of goals thanks to his 92 heading accuracy. To add this finest slice of Italian to your squad will set you back 1.7 million coins.

Garrincha (RW, 92)

fifa 20 best player

FIFA 20 best players

Outside Brazil, not a lot of people have heard of Garrincha, which is a shame because he’s considered to be one of the greatest dribblers in the history of the sport, and is the reason fans chant “olé!” every time a player gets outclassed by a trick or flick.

In FUT, Garrincha is a superb winger to have on your team. His 94 dribbling rating causes trouble for even the best left-backs, while his 92 passing shows he’s just as likely to assist his teammates as he is to score himself. He’s all yours for 1.2 million.



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