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FEBRUARY’S FULL MOON: all you must know!


February,the  snowiest month in the United States, February’s full moon is publiclyknown as the Full Snow Moon in indigenous American cultures. These ancient tribes  called this moon after the way trees cracked in the cold, or how people had to sit shoulder to shoulder around the fire due to coldness. Besides, Celts called it the Moon of Ice. As anticipated of the coldest month in the year, the Full Snow Moon is also called by more sinister names, such as the Bone Moon


The Moon moves  around Earth once every 27.3 days and also takes averagely about 27 days to rotate on its axis. This implies the Moon always shows us the same face. The Moon also goes up around 50 minutes  every day, which implies sometimes rises during the day and sometimes during the night.

When is February’s Super Snow Moon?

February’s Super Snow Moon will reach its peak later today, on Tuesday 19, at 5.11pm GMT tonight and will set tomorrow, February 20, at 7.50am GMT

The moon is also known as the Full Snow Moon.

People will see it appear full the night before and after its peak.

What are the rest of the Full Moon names and dates in 2019?

Below are the full moon list with dates for 2019!

1.Full Worm Moon – March 20
2.Full Pink Moon – April 19
3.Full Flower Moon – May 18
4.Full Strawberry Moon – June 17
5.Full Buck Moon – July 16
6.Full Sturgeon Moon – August 15
7.Full Harvest Moon – September 14
8.Full Hunter’s Moon – October 13
9.Full Beaver Moon – November 12
10.Full Cold Moon – December 12

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It going to lots of full moons in 2019!


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