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Facebook messenger dark mood: how to activate the new feature

Facebook messenger dark mood activation
Facebook messenger dark mood activation

Facebook has  released dark mode for its Messenger app, though enabling  the feature will take a few more steps than simply activating it in  settings menu.

The Facebook Messenger dark mode has been rumored from  last year’s F8 developers conference. It has since been tested in a few countries, currently, only a limited number of users can  enjoy the feature.

Facebook messenger dark mood activation

To activate the Facebook Messenger dark mode, you  will first have to send the crescent moon emoji to anyone, including any of  your contacts, a chatbot, or even themselves. The crescent emoji is the one of the moon without a face, and users will know that they sent the right one because the screen will fill up with falling crescent moon emojis.

After the falling crescent moon emojis, a pop-up notification will appear at the top of the screen to inform users that dark mode is now available through the app’s settings menu, where the feature can be activated with a simple toggle. Users who do not see the falling crescent moon emojis may have to double-tap their message, restart Messenger, or update the app to its latest version.

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Why dark mood for Facebook

Aside personal interest, dark mood extends the battery life of android smartphones, the back light is reduced and your battery strains at a slower pace. This makes it easier to enjoy your app even if your battery is extremely low.

Check the dark mood for Facebook messenger out ….let technologygist.com know you feeling about the feature

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