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Dangers of fufu pounding machine

Dangers of fufu pounding machine
Dangers of fufu pounding machine

Dangers of fufu pounding machine

About seventy out of hundred Ghanaians would pick fufu as their favourite food but the use of machines instead of the wooden mortar and pestle in pounding the fufu is really raising a lot of health concerns in the country.

The commercial Fufu making machine has been really helpful in preparing the delicacy that is highly  patronized by almost every household in Ghana.

You can now make your favorite fufu effortlessly with this amazing fufu machine in less than 5 minutes,this machine is  also used by chop bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Schools, etc.

The machine has helped reduced stress in making the delicacy greatly.

Aside  the fact that the machine reduces stress in making the delicacy, there are more disadvantages of the machine that must be considered so far as health is concern.

Below are some of the health harzads associated with  the machine .

  1. Unhygienic handling of the machine.

the fufu pounding machine may be very useful but let’s consider the unhygienic conditions under which this machines are operated.Now, after a pounding , the machine must be washed thoroughly with clean water but what do we see, users use the machine all day without cleaning and sometimes use it the following day Without cleaning.

2. The effect of the metallic nature of the machine.

As we all know this machines are made from metals and if not properly handled could lead to several health problems.

 General concerns

According to some women, the fufu pounded in a machine does not possess the quality taste as compared to the one’s pounded in the wooden mortar with a wooden pestle.

And this has been a major concern for Ghanian since the invention of the machine.

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Technologygist.com , thinks it would be best if the inventors can embed some wooden structure in the  machine parts that does the pounding to reduce health hazards, again, users should employ all the hygienic means to keep the machine neat to reduce health hazards.

Thanks for reading…let’s know your thought on this issue so we can suggest more remedies ….

We cant just stop eating FUFU!


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