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Best cars for 2019


Do you have an idea of theBest cars for 2019  in this post you would get to know!

1.BMW M850i xDrive

BMW M  generally avoids unnecessary tech on its  M cars, but recently BMW M850i was released.

 The new model of BMW cars has great features that are just unbelievable. More expecially, the tires and the stirring wheels are just too powerful.  The M850i has much technological features that makes it amazing, it has the ability of turning the rear wheels in the opposite direction to the fronts at lower speeds (up to 45mph in Comfort mode; 55mph in Sport), then in parallel, with the speedo needle bent further around the new,digital speedo-metre

 On mountain roads ,you can feel the car turning smoothly and negotiate curves with ease.

 But on the track at 120mph-plus speeds ,it makes the M850i feel a whole lot more locked down than the M5. That also less weight, a characteristic caused by the stability control’s midway DTC setting, which is less than on other BMWs.

 2.Ford Mustang GT Performance Pack 2

“We did the steering and handling course in Arizona with the Performance Pack One and some other vehicles,” Barnes says. “At the end, we said, ‘Hey, if you want to see something cool, what about this thing?’ And the people who tried it,  were like, ‘thats cool!’ So that was our sign to figure out what we can do.”

The result, Performance Package Two, or PP2, is available only on Mustang GT coupes with the six- speed manual. The tires are Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s, 305/30/ZR-19 all around,

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. MagneRide adaptive dampers—previously offered only on the GT350 and now optional on other 2018 Mustang variants—are standard on the PP2 . The front and rear anti-roll bars are stiffer by 12 and 67 percent, respectively, compared with the PP1, and the front and rear springs are 20 and 13 percent stiffer. These changes were all intended to make the Mustang corner flatter, deliver quicker curve negotiations, and make it more fun to drive

3.BMW X5

The X5 is not a small car, weighing  over 4800 lbs, but the 2019 X5 can actually super !. Thanks to the additional two-axle air springs, an electronically controlled locking rear differential, rear-wheel steering—where the rear wheels steer opposite the fronts at low speeds for added speed, and in the same direction at high speeds for increased stability—and a staggered set of low-profile Pirelli P Zero summer tires. On a normal road, the X5 doesn’t magically transform into a sports-sedan—it’s far too better than that—but it doesn’t move along like a truck either.

4.Rolls-Royce Cullinan

 The Cullinan is equipped with more cameras than the FBI, which made the car more fantastic,It can ride through 21 inches of water. A button on the steering column puts the car into lower mode, which holds the gears longer and gives a more urgent ascending experience. It has the ability to climb steeper slops by just hitting the button for hill assist and removing one’s feet from the pedals

5.Toyota Corolla Hatchback

 if you want eyeball-flattening performance, you’ll go for one of the hot hatchbacks mentioned above. But you don’t need 300 horsepower and racy Recaro seats to have a good time on the road. The Corolla hatchback is a “normal” car—it doesn’t have a fancy performance badge, But it’s way more fun than you’ll ever have in a Camry or Rav-4. Thanks to the stick shift in this car.  It has front-drive hatchback to be fun in a way that no car can mimic.

6.McLaren 600LT

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The LT’s brakes, lifted from the 720S, don’t beg for anything, except a little heat. Standard rotors are carbon-ceramics measuring 390mm up front and 380mm out back. They’re clamped down with six-piston aluminum calipers at the front, and four-pistons at the rear. Together with b Pirelli Trofeo R tires,.

futhermore, it has power and weight advantage, the 600LT accelerates harder than a 570S, and negotiates curves like  race cars, with a monstrous amount of front-end grip. Some of that grip is the added aero.

7.Toyota Supra Prototype

I can’t even tell you precisely what the new Supra will look like. Toyota invited journalists to Madrid, Spain to drive preproduction prototypes of the long-anticipated model. The cars were camouflaged inside and out.

Here’s what I can say: It’s a legitimate hoot to drive.

8.Mercedes-AMG E63 S Wagon

 Everyone has Mercedes models they prefer these days, and they just aren’t that much fun to drive no matter how quick they are.

No matter what you want Mercedes has the solution for you with this, the E63 S Wagon. It’s based on the latest E-Class wagon, which is brilliant and beautiful. It also has AMG’s lovely 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8 that can be found in all of the company’s fastest cars. In this case, it’s putting out 603 horsepower.

That’s right, 603 hp in a wagon. It’s paired with all-wheel drive, but you can disconnect the front axle if you want to go bananas and drift it all over the place. It’s pretty good at being a hooligan

9.Ford Mustang Bullitt

This car is fast. It has  480 horsepower . Just eight years ago, the Mustang GT made 300 horsepower. Now we’re at 480 !. From someone who drives an old-school 5.0 around, the smoothness of this engine at high-RPM, and the newest Coyote’s willingness to rev, is super. It sounds brilliant, deep, punchy, and never droning, all over the rev range, and its overrun exhaust blasts aren’t as digital as you’ll find in all the new models.

 But the gearing is spot on to match the revvy nature of the engine.


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