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Apps all college students must have in 2019


1. Evernote
This app that takes note taking to the next level ! With Evernote, you no longer need to go around with a pen and notebook. You can brainstorm ideas, make to do lists, take pictures of pages and sketches and puts  everything into a notebook format, share with others or collaborate as a group. The app even has the ability to search handwritten notes, so finding your past notes is easy, with this app, you can summaries your points into more learner-able forms for easy learning

2 Duolingo
Can you imagine learning an entire new language? Learning another language has never been easier. Amazingly , now you  can learn how to speak, read, and write other languages through a fun and easy-to-use app that makes learning a fun game, as you play the game you become perfect in the language you are learning !

3. EasyBib
why worry spending hours citing your research references; EasyBib has the power to do that ! it has templates that helps for easier usage. The app includes multiple citation styles, including APA etc

4. iHomework
This is the one of the top-rated education apps for staying organized. You can keep track of all of your assignments, deadlines, quizzes, and examination, and plan them out over a certain time period so that you’re not left under pressure at the last minute. Besides,you also have the ability to manage your courses and instructors and log your grades so that you always know your academic strengths.

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    5. iTunes U
Get  thousands of audio and video files of free, lectures, lessons, books, and other learning materials from universities, museums, and public organizations from around the world. Your college or university instructors may also can  add their lectures into the app so that you can easily access your coursework at any time.

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