Apple launched apple music app for android


Over the years apple have tried to give android users a feel of threir ios apps , this year apple haved improved on their apple music app for android users world wide .

Apple has outdoored a new Apple Music update to Android users, that introduces support for tablet devices. Beta testing for that user experience started ealier last month, and it’s now finally available to the public a few years after the Cupertino tech giant released its music app on the rival mobile platform.Android

The latest version of Apple Music for Android can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and was updated  up to the app’s version number to 2.7.0. Along with support for a tablet experience, the update also brings with it a number of “app and performance improvements”. To give  users better experience.

Apple Music’s new tablet support is a welcome development even if it took Apple about four years to get this future for their android usres . However, lets all wait to see how the app will gain favour among Android users who may have already installed more popular music apps on their devices including Spotify,google music etc.futhermore, Apple Music doesn’t exactly have a   more rating on the Play Store, with mixed user feelings

Nevertheless, it’s still interesting to see how Apple’s music app fares against the competition in the Android world. You can give it a try by heading over to the Play Store. To download it

Have you downloaded Apple Music on your Android device? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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