Home Innovations Apple event on 25 March updates and expectations

Apple event on 25 March updates and expectations

Apple event 25 march
Apple event 25 march

The much awaited Apple event scheduled for march 25 will definitely focus on media with some top magazine publishers and entertainment executives lined up to support the event.

Apple’s latest enthusiasm of creating and distributing  content is an essential parts of it’s services and business in the future.

Apple event 25 march
Apple event 25/march

Apple, the manufacturers of major digital accessories in the world today knows that content creation can help get more sales of gadgets, more people using their apps and more people using their software platforms.
The  2019 Apple event scheduled for march 25 was announced early this year through a private  online invitation, the event is being hosted at Steve Jobs theater in Cupertino,California. The program is expected to start at 10am Pacific time.


To know what’s may be happening at the apple event, let’s look back at some news on Apple and softwares.

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  News subscription app

In 2018, the publishers behind Texture(a   News subscription app ) sold the business to Apple. On Monday 25 march, Apple is openly  expected to reveal a new news subscription service that had it foundation from Texture, but will definitely be rebranded to suit Apple services and looks.

The original publishers behind Texture will be part of the new Apple service when it launches, with the company having reportedly wrangled a favorable revenue share for itself.

Apple to dive into showbiz (Entertainment)

Apple is kind of competing with Netflix and Amazon.It’s widely expected that Apple will be revealing some news on streaming video services  at Monday’s event; the big question is will Apple premier its own new original series, or show off some kind of service that shares content from other producers.

Currently, Amazon and Netflix have used billions of dollars on producing original series and films, a risky venture but turned to yield good profit for each company.let’s wait for Monday 25 march and see what apple will come up with.

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Apple event on 25 March updates and expectations
Hardware issues

Previously, Apple always hosted a spring event to outdoor its new, non-iPhone wares. This year, the company chose to share information  on New hardwares through several online press releases and Tim Cook tweets. This generally means new iPads, new iMacs, and new AirPods have already been announced, and won’t  attract all the attention a the theater come Monday.

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There could be other hardware related announcements to come in the near future. AirPower, the wireless charging pad that was announced in 2017 and still hasn’t been release, appeared briefly on Apple’s website in Australia few days back. But let’s expect Monday to be the date where Apple shows off  its services to the world again.


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