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Android Q pie to be released


Android Q pie, It has been 11years since the release of the first Android smartphone in 2008, Android has become one of the popular OS used on mobile phones worldwide, nevertheless, a lot of improvement have surfaced yearly with the OS, Android is currently one of the most used OS aside APPLES IOS.

In 2019, Google will be unveiling the 10th major Android release.there is more time for Google to work on the new android Os for 2019-Android Q, but thanks to leaks and rumours, we have a gist of what exactly the android Q will be like. Here’s a quick outline of the Android Q features and improvements Google could be unveiling.

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1.Android Q: Dark Mode

 It IS very possible  Android Q will have a Dark Mode option, and not only because Google has been experimenting with dark themes in its Android apps, including Chrome and YouTube, for some time. The guys r at XDA Developers managed to get a demo of Android Q running on a Pixel 3, and in Display Settings, there is a dark theme option.  These settings will affect various UI elements, such as the backgrounds in the app drawer and the notifications panel, and also apps like Messages and Phone. It could be activated or scheduled to turn on and off automatically.   

2.Desktop Mode in Android Q

Amazingly, the XDA Developers come across a “Force Desktop Mode” option in Android Q’s Developer Settings.  It didn’t have any effect during their testing, but it a hints at a possibility of Android adopting a mode similar to the Samsung DeX experience, where a phone can be used as a desktop computer or something completely different……we would soon find out!.

3.Permissions  in Android Q

Permission management is necessary, as it gives users control over their privacy. Many changes to the way the OS handles permissions were noticed in the Android Q build, with the option for apps to access a sensor or feature only while actively used. In other words, you may have an app like Facebook Messenger access your location or microphone only while on the screen.

4.May support for foldable devices

Google officially announced that it will fully integrate support for foldable and dual-screen devices into Android Q. This will add a sense of continuity to the experience. Imagine having a foldable phone and tapping on a YouTube video while it’s folded, then unfolding the device resuming playback on the bigger screen.

5.  Some additional Android Q features

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.Expanding carrier control over network access. Leaks show that with Android Q, carriers may gain more control over which networks a phone can and cannot connect to. Dual-SIM phones may be also affected by being more easily locked down to a particular network.

  • Sensors Off button. The option to disable a phone’s sensors and network connections was spotted in the Android Q build as I mentioned earlier. However, its purpose remains unclear
  • Android Q release date and announcement, Android 9.0 Pie was first shown during I/O, Google’s annual developer conference, it is safe to assume that Android 10 Q may be announced at I/O 2019. Dates for this year’s event haven’t been confirmed, but most previous I/O conferences have occurred in May! So let relax till may…


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