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5G Network released 2019,all you need to know

5G network released


5G network is already here! 5G Network released 2019

Well 4G has been in existence 10 years ago in the world yet larger portion of the world cant get 4G connection

5G phones have  already started being rumored and some  5G phones have been already produced and more would be released this year.

Motorola “moto Z3 ‘’ was the first 5G upgradeable phone to be produced but requires  a sub-device ‘’ moto mode’’ worth $200  to fix into the back of the phone to access 5G networks, however the much anticipated Samsungs galaxy S10 with  5G will be released in May this year with more fascinating features that the current  flagship galaxy S10 plus doesn’t have, larger screen, fourth rear-mounted camera, foldable capabilities  will also be with the latest Samsung galaxy S10 to release in May this year. 5G Network released 2019

LG also have a vibrant taste for 5g network ,hence production of their first 5G phone ‘’V50 thinQ’’ which is scheduled to be release very soon.

So which cities may be the first to get 5G networks?


Verizon was the first company to comeout with  a pre-standard 5G network last year October in Los Angeles, indianapolis , Houston and  Sacramento all in the USA but the network was limited to wireless an accessed on hotspot only. More countries will start to enjoy 5G network form Verizon soon.

AT&T also rolled out its 5G  mobile network in more than 12 markets last year but it only works  with their special hotspot devices and not with 5G phones yet. The 12 cities include Atlanta , Orlando, Raleigh,  San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Oklahoma city, Orleans, Waco,Charllote, with plans to expand the network to mor cites in the future.

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T-Mobile is also making approach  to bring on board 5G network, but be informed that that their coverage will be limited some cities too.

It appears apple has no taste for 5G network yet, well that known of the company since it took them three years to come up with thei first 4G phone after 4G network was introduced.

But lets keep mute and see what they may do this time !  5G Network released 2019

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