5 Free SEO tools to help you rank number one on google


Free SEO tools to help you rank number 1 on google

Hi, in today’s post am sharing with you 6 free SEO tools to help you rank number one on google. if you are new to the SEO, this tips will help you to increase your rankings on google so you can achieve your goal.
Search engine optimization plays an important role in inj the success of your online presence!.


5 free tools to help you rank number one on google.

1. Google trends
Google trends will show you trending queries, brands etc and can also help in the comparison of keywords over a period of time. Using Google trends means you are aware of how your brand is fairing on google.

2. Google alerts
unlike google trends, google alerts is a free tool that delivers articles from the web into your email.all you have to do is setup a google alert on your brand or niche and you will receive daily articles relating to your brand or niche.

3. Google search console
With Google search console, you know all the keywords your brand or niche is ranking for on google. You know the pages that are receiving the highest clicks and then  improve on them to generate revenue.

4. Ubbersuggest
After google search console have shown you all the keywords you are ranking for, ubersuggest will show you other longtail keywords you can rank for. You know it easier to rank for longtail keywords of which you are already ranked for the main keyword.

5. Keywords everywhere
This free tool will show you the number of people searching for your terms and related keywords as you using google. this gives you an idea of keywords to include in your post.
Using the above free tools will go along way to improve your brands’ revenue.
Thanks for reading and share your thoughts in the comment section!

Free seo tools to help you rank number one google


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