5 features on windows 10 you must use now


Windows 10 is one of the most used operating systems world wide, the operating system  have received many updates since it was released,

Many user may feel they have explored all the features and possibilities of the operating system but unfortunately, Windows 10 have a lot of features that are yet to be generally used by most users world wide,

Technologygist. Com have researched and taken note of some very important features on windows10 that you might not be using .

Below are  10 features on windows 10 you must start using now.

1.Near Share

Near Share makes it simple to share records and URLs with nearby PCs over the air, negating the requirement for  drives or applications to pass something along. Is when you enable NearShare in Microsoft windows 10 or File Explorer, you’ll see PCs with Nearby Sharing enabled,

To use Near Share, your PC needs both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi working, and you’ll need to enable  the Nearshare Sharing choice in Settings after which you can begin using it. Nearshare speeds were quite moderate and works just like Bluetooth in recent test analysis.

2.Dark theme

In case you like dark themee, you cherish dim topics. , Windows 10 now has a dark themes for users to use this,  Head to Start > Settings > Personalization > Color and select the “dark” under “Pick your default theme mode.” The Windows 10 October 2018 Update come with the dark theme!

3. Your phone companion

windows 10 also allows users to connect their phones to their laptop or desktop computers using Your phone companion app. The app allows you to share photos ,music’s etc from your phone to the computer.all you have to do is download the app at google play store or iphones apple store ,head to Microsoft store on your computers and download the app there too.

Follow the simple setup wizard to connect your laptop to the phone and start enjoying !

4.Dynamic Lock
Shortcut, Windows + L. Dynamic Lock is an easy to use  feature that conects your PC with your phone over Bluetooth, after which it automatically locks your computer when you walk away from it. To start using it, head to  Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers, then activate Dynamic Lock at Settings > Account > Sign-in options. Follow the setup wizard and you are ready to go!

5.Start menu folder

You can create basic Start menu folders in Windows 10, arranging Live Tiles into clusters. Simply drag your Start menu apps on top of each other to create folders that expand when clicked on. You can also name the folders as you want.

Windows 10 have a lot of features that are not being used by most people, we will reveal more for you to read in subsequent post!

Start using the features listed above and enjoy windows 10

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